PaTHES  Online Club Meets 

SEASON 6 THEME: Slow Academia (Sept –  Nov 2022)

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Our PaTHES online-themed meets are back for the 6th season! And in this season, we will be linking to the ongoing webinar series, Slow Academia – Wonder, Wandering, Generosity & Presence in the University  . Some of you may remember that we explored Slow Academia in our Season 5 online meets, led by Agnes Bosanquet, from Macquarie University in Australia and facilitated by Barbara Grant from the University of Auckland in New Zealand. The Webinar Series was born out of those intriguing, wonderous and wandering conversations.

And as part of our PaTHES Ecosystem of webinars, online themed meets, blogs and journals, we are now continuing to explore this in the online themed meets, but with each meetup using the particular theme of a webinar as a starting point. In addition, we have changed the times slightly, to allow more international interested members to attend.

We have also started using Eventbrite, hopefully allowing you to easily put this slot in your diary and ensure you have the right time noted. Feel free to bring your morning coffee, tea and discussion points.  Everyone is welcome. For this season, we are also keeping these Online Meets open to the public. But if you want to support our work and become a much more networked member of our society, head to to see what our membership can do for you.

Thursday 8 Sept 2022, 9:30-11:00am (London): Webinar 1
Surviving the years of plague – Two feminist academics review Raewyn Connell’s The good university: What universities actually do and why it’s time for radical change

CLUB MEET: Thur 15 Sept’22 10-11am (London) PaTHES Club Online
(discussing themes from webinar 1)

Thursday 29 Sept 2022 8:00-9:30am (London): Webinar 2
Wandering and wondering in the university

Friday 7th Oct 2022 8:00-9:30am (London): Webinar 3
Generosity and presence in the university: Working for change

CLUB MEET: Thur 13 Oct’22 10-11am (London) PaTHES Club Online
(discussing themes from webinar 2)

CLUB MEET: Thur 27 Oct’22 10-11am (London) PaTHES Club Online
(discussing themes from webinar 3)

Nov’22 (date and time to be confirmed): Webinar Series Roundtable

CLUB MEET: Thur TBD Nov’22 10-11am (London, date to be confirmed) PaTHES Club Online
(discussing themes from Roundtable, the whole seminar series and ways forward)


The Online Meets will be facilitated by Carola Boehm.  Carola Boehm is a founding member of PaTHES and a Professor of Arts and Higher Education at Staffordshire University. Her research focuses on the role that universities play in our creative societies and our creative economy. 

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